The Wonder Girls: “Facing Off Against Big Bang Is Pressure with a Good Feeling”

On June 19 the Wonder Girls met with the press and talked about competing with Big Bang. The Wonder Girls’ new mini album “Wonder Party” which has “Like This” as its title song was released on June 3. However, this was also the same day that Big Bang released their special album “Still Alive.”

The Wonder Girls stated, “On the same day and time Big Bang’s new songs were released, it would be a lie to say that we did not care. Because it is good competition we feel that it is pressure with a good kind of feeling. It is the first time that we have faced off with Big Bang. In the past our promotional activities have overlapped but it is the first time that we are releasing new songs at the same time.”

The Wonder Girls member Yeeun stated, “More than this album getting number one, we made this album so that a lot of people could enjoy the music with us. It is a good feeling as the performance of the album is doing better each week. Of course, we don’t believe that we will always be on top.”