DSP Media’s New Girl Group “PURETTY” Catches the Attention of the Japanese Media!

DSP Media’s new 5 member girl group “PURETTY” is gaining the attention of the Japanese media! On June 15, they had their first performance at the “Tokyo Toy Show 2012” which was held at the “Tokyo Big Sight.” They sang the song “Cheki Love” which is the theme song for the anime “Pretty Rhythm – Dear My Future” where they actually play a role in.

All of the major Japanese sports media reported on the performance.

“PURETTY” is made up of the 5 members Hye In, Si Yoon, Chae Kyung, So Min, and Jae Eun. Their name is a combination of “Pure” and “Pretty.”

The animation film “Pretty Rhythm – Dear My Future” features the trainee lives of both “PURETTY” and Japanese girl group “Prizmmy.” “PURETTY” will officially debut in Japan this coming August.