Seo Woo in a Relationship with Former Co-Star In Kyo Jin

Recently, actress Seo Woo and actor In Kyo Jin confirmed that they are in a relationship.

On June 20, a representative of In Kyo Jin’s agency spoke with a reporter from Newsen, confirming their relationship. He said, “The two are getting to know each other more. They have been dating for a little over a month now.”

Seo Woo and In Kyo Jin met while filming SBS‘s drama “If Tomorrow Comes” in April. They were able to build their intimate relationship through this drama. In the drama, Seo Woo acts as Yoon Eun Chae, the daughter of a rich family who attends college. The family runs out of money, and due to this hardship, Yoon Eun Chae grows more mature. In Kyo Jin plays the role of Lee Sung Ryong, who is portrayed as an immature man.

What suprised many fans was the fact that Seo Woo and In Kyo Jin were able to date even though they did not have too many intimate scenes together in the drama. The main partner of Seo Woo’s character was Ha Suk Jin, the younger brother of In Kyo Jin’s character. An aquaintance of the drama revealed, “The atmosphere at the set was very nice around the two. I think they became close after spending a lot of time together at various filming locations.”