Kim Tae Hee Puts Other Celebrities to Shame

Kim Tae Hee put fellow celebrities to shame with her old photos. On yesterday’s episode of SBS’sStrong Heart,” actor Lee Gi Woo talked about his friendship with Kim Tae Hee. He started, “I was part of the ski club in college, and every winter, ski clubs from various schools got together to ski. There was one beautiful girl who stood out.” He continued, “That pretty girl was Kim Tae hee. At the time, Kim Tae Hee went to the grocery to buy something, and all the guys followed her. She was the object of every man’s attention.”

As Lee Gi Woo shared his story, “Strong Heart” aired old photos of Kim Tae Hee in college. Unfortunately, producers of the show unintentionally humiliated KBS announcer Oh Jung Yeon and actress Honey Lee by blurring out their faces in the photos with Kim Tae Hee. Korean television programs tend to blur the faces of non-public figures in order to protect their identities, however, they usually leave the faces of public figures untouched.  Sadly, the producers didn’t recognize Oh Jung Yeon and Honey Lee, focusing only on Kim Tae Hee. Meanwhile,  Oh Jung Yeon attended the same university as Kim Tae Hee, while Honey Lee was part of the same ski club the actress.

Netizens commented, “Kim Tae Hee puts everyone to shame,” “You can’t help it, you’re eyes are naturally drawn to Kim Tae Hee and no one else,” “Ouch, poor Oh Jung Yeon and Honey Lee,” and more.

In related news, former Miss Korea, Honey Lee, has been under fire for “lying” on air. Check out more about the news here!

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