Sunny Hopes that Girls’ Generation Will Remain Active for Another Ten Years

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny appeared as a contestant on yesterday’s episode of KBS’s1 vs. 100” for a chance to win the $50,000 (approx) prize. During the episode, she expressed her hope that Girls’ Generation remains an active group for a long time.

Sunny started, “It’ll be Girls’ Generation’s fifth anniversary soon.” The nine-member group debuted in 2007 with its first single album “Into the New World.”

The show’s MC, Han Seuk Joon, asked, “How much longer do you think you can stay active as Girls’ Generation?” to which she answered, “If we maintain our first intention in our hearts, I think we’ll be able to stay Girls’ Generation for ten plus years.” Sunny continued, “It’s most rewarding when we hear that fans gained strength from watching Girls’ Generation. We will continue to perform so that you can say those words for a long time.” Meanwhile, Sunny was eliminated during the sixth stage on last night’s episode.