Wonder Girls Yeeun is the Next JYP?

Wonder GirlsYeeun has recently received the nickname, “Little JYP.”

Wonder Girls were seen promoting their second single album, “Wonder Party,” on June 19 at Seoul Nohyundong Imperial Palace.

For this album, Ye Eun helped produce “R.E.A.L” and “Girl Friend” which put her on the path of a dedicated musician.

During the interview on this day, Wonder Girls revealed some behind stories about Ye Eun’s music production work. Sohee first revealed, “I know my members too well now because I have spent so much time with them. Ye Eun’s really good at splitting up the parts because she knows how we usually incorporate our emotions into our songs.”

Hyerim continued, “Yeeun and Park Jin Young are very alike. They always tell us that half of a song is composed of air and the other half is composed of pure voice.”

Subsequently, Ye Eun replied, “I try my best to compliment my members whenever they do a good job which is what Park Jin Young does. I also critique them attentively like Park Jin Young so I understand why people call me ‘Little JYP.'”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls has been on the top spot on various music charts after releasing their new album, “Wonder Party” with the title song, “Like This“.