Girls’ Generation Sunny Uncle Fan Knows Profile Perfectly, “Not a Stalker”

One of Girls’ Generation Sunny’s uncle fans had her profile completely memorized to the surprise of the audience and Sunny herself. Sunny appeared on the TV show KBS 2TV’s “1:100.” The prize money for the show was $50,000.

The MC stated, “Out of Sunny’s uncle fans number 21 really catches the eye. He says that he has completely memorized her profile.” The uncle fan # 21 replied, “If you are a fan then you can know easily.”

Then uncle fan #21 began, “Sunny was born in 1989 May 15 and her real name is Lee Soon Gyu. There aren’t that many people who know but she was born in LA, California and lived in Kuwait until war broke out, and then she came to South Korea. I know for sure that she graduated from the Baehwa middle and high school.”

Then uncle fan #21 quickly remarked, “I am not a stalker. I am just a fan.”

On the same day Sunny did a cute dance for her uncle fans to the song “Kissing You.” Sunny reached up to level 6 on the show but got disqualified.