JYJ’s Jaejoong Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

JYJ’s Jaejoong has been taking a trip down memory lane, sharing past photos. Earlier today, he shared two group photos of JYJ with their friends. He tweeted, “Yoochun, Misook nuna, and Jaejoong. Junsu has temporarily gone missing,” and attached the photos. He followed the post with another, writing, “Yoochun, Misook, Jun[su] , Jaejoong, and John. The sunglass trio.”

In the photos, the three JYJ members looked like they were posing for a photoshoot, rocking the shades and leather. Based on their hairstyles, the photos were taken a while back.

Netizens commented, “All their photos look like they’re for a spread,” “They’re a good-looking bunch,” “Wow, these are old photos,” “Thanks for sharing them,” and more.