SISTAR Bora’s Perfect Leg Line Is Too Hot to Resist

A playful photo of Sistar‘s Bora has recently surfaced on the internet. This photo has garnered a lot of attention due to Bora’s fit and healthy looking body.

On June 19, Bora tweeted, “Did everyone do well on their final exams? I still haven’t taken mine yet. Why do I feel so nervous? Why? I will do my best! Ajah!” along with the photo below.

As seen in the photo, Bora seems to be wearing a casual outfit as she is standing in front of a school. Her outfit consists of a tank top with a red print and blue shorts – this outfit seems to complete her casual schoolgirl image.

Many netizens who saw this photo gave her compliments regarding her flawless leg line. Some of the comments were, “Bora definitely has one of the best looking legs,” “I’m so jealous of her smooth legs,” and “She looks like a very playful college student off the stage.”