2AM’s Seulong Sings a Song for a “Glam” Member

2AM’s Seulong sang a beautiful song for a beautiful member of the new girl group “Glam.” He sang for the member Trinity. He sang Veranda Project’s “It’s Ok.” The episode of “Real Music Drama Glam” (Which shows the growth of Glam as a group) featuring Seulong will air tonight on June 20.

Glam is made up of the members Trinity, Lee Mi So, Da Hee, Ji Yeon, and Jini. They are Big Hit Entertainment’s new girl group. They are produced by “Bang Shi Hyuk” who is also the director of Big Hit Entertainment. The glam members are supposed to be very good singers and dancers as well.
Currently the show “Real Music Drama Glam” broadcasts every Wednesday at 8pm KST. It can be viewed on SBS-MTV or Daum’s Glam page.