Which Female Idols Would You Select as Members of F4?

On yesterday’s episode, MBC Music’sShow Champion” announced that men in their twenties and thirties chose sexy HyunA (4minute), innocent Suzy (miss A), chic Sohee (Wonder Girls), and lovely Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) as the ultimate flower four of girl groups. According to producers, the results came from a street poll that asked young, male passerbys to choose among thirty girl group members.

Netizens commented, “Interestingly, two of the four girls are part of JYP Entertainment,” “They totally fit their respective categories,” “Perfect choices,” and more.

What about Soompiers? Who would you choose as your F4 (flower four) among girl groups?

F4 (flower four) was a term coined in popular series “Boys over Flowers” (Lee Min HoKim Hyun JoongKim Bum, and Kim Joon starred in the Korean drama version) to describe the four most popular and handsome members.