Lee Hyori: “Mankind is Not on Top of the Food Chain”

On June 18, Lee Hyori had a fan event celebrating the publishing of her essay book “Closer: The Story Started by Hyori and Soonshim.” At the event, Lee Hyori shared information about companion animals, volunteering to help abandoned companion animals, and vegetarianism.

Referring to her recent Twitter comment on a carnivorous diet, Lee Hyori explained her stance on the issue of vegetarianism, “I am not against eating meat. I just think that all people who consume meat should eat healthy meat. Therefore, I was just trying to say that I am against factory assembly-line style breeding of animals for their meat and/or slaughter wild animals just for ‘special delicacy,’ like bear paws and shark’s fins.”

Lee Hyori was also asked to give a word of advice to vegetarian novices. She commented, “Vegetarianism doesn’t happen all of sudden just because you decide to go vegetarian. It’s more of a time thing, when the time you realize, ‘I should be vegetarian.’ But this time doesn’t just come to you, either. You should be really interested in vegetarianism, gather resources and information, and have numerous conversations with people around you. Then the right time will come.”

She added, “I just hope people would agree with me that the mankind is not at the top of the food chain. The nature, plants, animals, fish, and humans, we are all connected as one. So why not coexist, love each other, and continue a happy life together?”

Lee Hyori’s essay book “Closer” was published on May 24. She has sold more than 30,000 copies since then and continues to attract more readers. The royalty from book sales will be donated to animal rescue organization KARA.