Lee Jae Hoon to Head Off to Military Duties by the End of This Year

On June 20, actor Lee Jae Hoon‘s agency Saram Entertainment announced on its website, “Lee Jae Hoon will be joining the army at the end of this year. Once he is done filming the upcoming film ‘My Pavarotti,’ he will start preparing to serve in the military.”

Lee Jae Hoon has applied to join Whistle Theater Group under the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. The Whistle Theater Group was established in 2000 and is the only performing group with in the National Police Agency. They perform more than 150 times a year for handicapped, seniors, children, teenagers, and other military personals. Actors like Cho Seung Woo and Ryu Soo Young have served in this group. Lee Jae Hoon became interested in the theater group after hearing about it from his family and friends.

After his first main role in SBS “Fashion King,” Lee Jae Hoon has picked film “My Pavarotti” as his last film before he serves in the military. “My Pavarotti” is directed by director Yoon Jong Chan from films “Sorum,” and “Blue Swallow.” Lee Jae Hoon’s agency added in their announcement, “Lee Jae Hoon will promote upcoming movie ‘Fortune Tellers‘ and participate in the filming of ‘My Pavarotti’ before joining the army.”