Teen Top Causes Event to Stop for Some Time Due to Large Crowd

Teen Top held a High Touch event in Tokyo, Japan on June 18. Approximately 5,000 fans came to see their favorite Hallyu idol. According to Teen Top’s agency TOP Media, Teen Top invited randomly chosen 1,000 fans who bought Teen Top’s license album, which was released prior to Teen Top’s official debut in Japan, to this High Touch event. However, a lot more fans showed up ranging from teenagers in their school uniforms to mother fans with children in their arms.

During this High Touch event, members of Teen Top approached a fan in a wheel chair, but the other excited fans started to move towards Teen Top, causing several fans in the front to fall down. Due to this dangerous incident, the event was suspended momentarily until more staff members were put in to the event and the excited fans finally calmed down.

A representative from the sponsoring company of the event, Universal Music, commented, “Teen Top has become extremely popular among teenagers in Japan. Such hype is visible at this event today.” Teen Top began “Teen Top Zepp Tour 2012” in Osaka, Japan on June 19. They will be performing in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo during this concert tour.