Yubin Shows off Sexiness for “Nylon” – She Really Wants to Be in a Relationship

Yubin of the Wonder Girls showed off her sexiness through a photoshoot with the fashion magazine “Nylon.” The photoshoo was for the July edition of “Nylon” and also “Nylon TV.” Yubin went with an innocent concept for the photoshoot but she still showed off her sexy charms. The concept was “Natural Yubin.”

During the photoshoot interview Yubin revealed that she does Pilates five times a week. She added, “During the evening I ride a bicycle or skate next to the Han River.”

When asked about her ideal man she stated, “I hope that we have the same hobbies. I would like somebody that I could exercise with. I don’t like somebody that doesn’t like to move, and also like someone I can communicate with. If you know anybody like that around you, please introduce me to him.”

Also, about the recent album “Wonder Party” she stated, “There is a song that I wrote the lyrics for, and it says that possibly because of my age all my friends do when they get together is talk about blind dates. It’s not like Sunye met her current boyfriend on a blind date, but I don’t get around much so i think I need to do blind dates at least. I really want to be in a relationship.”