SISTAR Dasom’s Ceremonial Baseball Pitch

On June 20 SISTAR’s Dasom threw the ceremonial pitch for the Doosan Bears vs. Nexen Heroes game. When the news was first announced, Dasom had stated, “Thank you for inviting me as the ceremonial pitcher for such a significant game. I will practice hard and show you a good pitch.”

You can check out the actual pitch below. Her form was fine and the throw itself wasn’t bad, it just didn’t reach her target. She said, “I thought I would make a strike but my throw was very bad. I want to give it another try.”

She repeated, “It was a really disappointing pitch for me. I want to throw it again. I heard form a representative, that ‘Just like marriage, a ceremonial pitch only happens once in your life.’ If you invite me to another big game to do the pitch I would be very thankful. I practiced very hard, it looks like I want be able to go home.”

Dasom ended with, “The weather is very hot now, next week we (SISTAR) are coming back with ‘Summer Special.’ Please give us a lot of love.”