Park Yoo Chun Listens to Junsu’s Album the Most

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun picked Junsu’s album as the song he listens to the most lately. Recently, he said that at an interview for a fashion magazine in Bali.

When asked which album he listens to the most, he answered, “It’s Junsu’s album. I’m proud that he and I are in the same group.” Afterwards, he talked about JYJ’s individual work by saying, “Seeing Junsu becoming a true entertainer through a musical and solo album is special. I sent a message of encouragement to Jaejoong, who is trying out acting once again.”

Also, he was asked if he had any burdens from acting and he confessed, “When filming SBS drama “Rooftop Prince,” I emptied my heart and was able to actually enjoy acting the piece out even more. Through that kind of mind-set, I think that is why there was good results.”

Additionally, Park Yoo Chun showed all his manly charms through a photoshoot, which he had on the same day as the interview.