Girls’ Generation Sooyoung: “If I Receive a Surprise Love Confession, I’ll Say Ok!”

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung expressed her envy with Yoo In Na. Ji Hyun Woo had confessed in public that he has feelings Yoo In Na. Afterwards the two were spotted on a secret date. Then the two announced officially that they were dating.

On June 20, when Girls’ Generation Sooyoung announced the news during a section on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment,” she also stated, “I am so envious of the public confession that Yoo In Na received.”

Yoon Do Hyun then asked, “What if you received that kind of confession, what would you do?”

Then he gave Sooyoung options, “#1 You do what you want to, #2 You call your parents first, #3 You go with whatever your agency wants.”

Sooyoung answered, “I would choose #4, I would accept the confession.” Then all of the reporters on the show started to confess to Sooyoung and she replied, “I will accept the confession depending on who it is.”