Lee Min Ho: “Time Really Does Fly!”

Lee Min Ho updated his Twitter with an old photo, delighting many fans that have not seen much action from the star actor.

On June 21, the former “City Hunter” tweeted his photo with the message, “Taken last year on Mino’s Day (his fan club). Time really does fly.”

In the photo, Lee Min Ho is seen wearing a casual black shirt with matching dark jeans. Sitting on a couch, Lee Min Ho seems to be reading his script for the event. However, it was Lee Min Ho’s “sculpture look” face and silky smooth skin that really impressed his many fans.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Any photo he takes, he looks like a model,” “It’s just a shirt and he turns it into a designer shirt,” and “When can we see you back on TV?”

Lee Min Ho is currently working on his upcoming TV drama, SBS “Faith.” It is a fantasy/historical drama that takes place in the Koyro Dynasty. Kim Hee Sun will star next to Lee Min Ho. Check back for more updates on Lee Min Ho!