2PM’s Taecyeon Not Allowed to Take Exam and Forced to Stand in Front of Class

2PM’s Taecyeon was found to have been forced to forfeit his exam at school, and instead, stand front of class for students to take his picture.

Recently, a photo of Taecyeon was posted on an online community board under the title, “Ock Taecyeon who went to school to take his exam, but only got ridiculed and came back.”

In the photo, Taecyeon is standing in front of the blackboard with a cast on his arm. The photo seems to have been taken with a cellphone, and it says on the bottom, “Ock Taecyeon came to take his exam at Dankook University, but the professor said, ‘What exam? You never come to school,” and told him to just stand in front of the class for students to take photos of him kekekekeke. Ah, Ock Taecyeon looks like a bum T.T kekekeke.”

After the photo made headlines, Taecyeon addressed his position on the issue through Twitter, saying, “Ah, it sucks. I even dressed up to go to school T.T. Was it because of my hair? Keke,” giving a good laugh to all of his followers.

Netizens commented, “This is way too funny,” “I wish I was in that class,” and “Taecyeon is too nice!”