Girls’ Generation Become “Fairies in the Woods” for High Cut Magazine

Girls’ Generation turned into “fairies in the woods” for the June 21 issue of “High Cut” magazine. In the photo shoot titled, “The GIRLS,” all nine Girls’ Generation members appear in white dresses and long hair, fitting the overall concept of “fairies” for the photo spread.

The girls particularly look more mature with the formal dress on, however, their fresh and innocent image make the girls look like true fairy tale characters. They are also holding the perfume, “GiRL,” produced by the “Master of Perfume,” Gerard Anthony. Girls’ Generation are the models for the “GiRL” perfume, which comes in three different types, including Lily Magnolia, Wisteria, Delphinium.

The photos were released through the 79th issue of High Cut Magazine on June 21. More photos will be revealed through High Cut’s official website here and their digital magazine for tablet PCs.