miss A’s Min Celebrates Her 21st Birthday

miss A‘s Min recently celebrated her 21st birthday! On June 20, she posted on her Twitter, “Thanks, ‘sther,” along with a photo that showed a huge banner hanging across the JYP building.

On the banner it said, “Pretty, cute, adorable, nice, chic, ‘cold-city-girl,’ goddess Min Young, have a happy birthday and I will always cheer for only you! You are the best! Thank you so much for being born! By ‘Sther.”

miss A’s Jia and Fei also wished Min a happy birthday.

On June 21, Jia posted on her Twitter, “Baby~min~happy birthday!” along with a photo and Fei posted, “Our Min Young, who is the cutest person in the world. Happy Birthday. Did you get goosebumps? Okay. I won’t say things that make you get goosebumps. Please always be happy…anyway, see you tomorrow,” along with a different photo.

In one photo, Min is sitting on a sofa, playing with her phone and another showed Min and Fei making cute faces.

Netizens also wished Min a happy birthday as they commented, “Min, happy birthday!” “You really received a lot of birthday wishes,” “Hope you have a happy day,” and more.