Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Suddenly Shouts at Tiffany

Girls’ Generation‘s unit TaeTiSeo‘s Taeyeon shouted suddenly, and it’s becoming an issue.

On June 20, Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo made an appearance on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.” During the show they took time to rank each member in specific categories. For example, who has the most beautiful legs?

One the day, Tiffany was chosen as number one on her beautiful legs. Tiffany said about the secret, “I usually enjoy wearing heels,” and also said “I even where sneakers with heels.”

Then Taeyeon shouted at Tiffany, “Then what am I supposed to do!!”

Netizens who heard this news reacted, “Taeyeon is so cute,” and “I think Taeyeon also has beautiful legs.”