2PM's Junho Reveals His Washboard Abs

2PM‘s Junho recently updated his fans with a photo of his washboard abs.

On June 20, Junho posted on his Twitter, “Since I’m not doing much these days, I’m throwing you a picture. A photo taken during the concert… Good night everyone,” along with a photo.

The photo reveals Junho in a gym and shirtless. He shows off a ripped and muscular body. Fans gleefully got to see Junho’s clearly present washboard abs.

2AM‘s Seulong commented, “If I give my laundry to you, will you wash it with your stomach?” Then Junho coolly responded, “What are you talking about.” Then Seulong replied, “Haven’t you ever heard of the expression, ‘washboard abs’? I can’t believe it. Doesn’t make sense. Daebak wow, hul, keung (noises of disbelief),” expressing his frustration, which drew much laughter.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, “I didn’t know Junho’s body was that nice,” “It really seems like I can do my laundry on it,” “It must be hard to maintain that,” “That is a flawless body,” “He’s like a statue,” and more.

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