Gangkiz Releases Music Video for Repackaged Album’s Title Track “MAMA”

After making their debut just last month with “Honey Honey,” rookie girl group GangKiz has released their music video for “MAMA.”

“MAMA” is the title track of their of their repackaged first album which was released today, June 22, in Korea.

As they are dancing in the same room throughout the whole video, it seems like a dance version music video. While the group is seen wearing several sets of clothes, their black outfits stand out due to revealing a lot of their mid-section.

Coming from Core Contents Media, GangKiz gained popularity for being from the same company as T-Ara and Davichi. Their first album “We Became Gang” was released on May 15.

Which music video do you like more? Their debut song “Honey Honey” or “MAMA”?