Kim Hye Soo and Lee Jung Jae in Sexy Photo Shoot for “Vogue Korea”

As they face the opening of the highly anticipated film, “The Thieves,” actors Kim Hye Soo and Lee Jung Jae took part in a sexy photo shoot for “Vogue Korea.”

This photo shoot was revealed on June 21 and can be found in the July edition. The concept of the photo shoot is “Dangerous Partners,” and features dramatic and visually artistic cuts of the two actors.

During the interview that followed, Kim Hye Soo stated, “When it comes to everydayness, I’m very weak – that is my complex. I live an everyday life. I just don’t like my everyday to be revealed to the public – that’s where we don’t agree.” She expressed her brave and confident thoughts on the general public.

Lee Jung Jae shared, “Living as Pop-eye in the film was so much fun. It was the most perfect, and near-fantastic chemistry – a happy ensemble,” as he referred to filming “The Thieves.”

Director of “The Thieves,” Choi Dong Hoon praised Kim Hye Soo, calling her the “Asian Monica Bellucci.” He continued, “She is such a beautiful person that I wanted to create a great character for her.” On Lee Jung Jae, director Choi commented, “From the first day he acted on set as Pop-eye, I couldn’t forget him. It felt like he was an actor, who was born for my scenario.”

Check out these steamy photos below: