Former Sugar Member Ayumi Dating Japanese Rock Star Gackt

Ayumi who’s currently promoting her activities in Japan recently confirmed that she is dating Gackt, a famous Japanese rock star. On June 22, SanKei Sports Newspaper released an article that unveiled Ayumi and Gackt’s intimate relationship. According to the article, Ayumi and Gackt were seen in a classy French restaurant that appeared to be a casual date. At the venue, they were seen holding hands and hugging in a timely manner. It has been revealed that the two met at a Japanese music festival, “A Nation”, after being introduced by an aquaintance.

Gackt is one of the most popular rock stars in Japan who is known for not revealing his age to the public; thus, he is also famous for being a mystical celebrity. On July 4, he will be hosting a huge concert with his band, “Yellow Fried Chicken“.

Ayumi, who was once well-known for being a member of Sugar and also for her humorous roles in variety shows is currently working under a Japanese agency called Avex.