Busker Busker to Briefly Cease All Promotional Activities

The phenomenal group Busker Busker which had a very successful 1st album is ceasing all promotional activities!

At 12:00am on June 21, Busker Busker had released their “Finale Album.” Then on June 22-23 they will hold their “Youth Bus” encore concert. Afterwards they will cease all promotional activities for a brief period.

Busker Busker’s “Finale Album” contained 5 songs that have swept all of the online music websites. The album is made up of songs that were supposed to be on the 1st album but were removed.

Fans that have come across the news of Busker Busker’s break stated, “After your finale album you are ceasing your activities,” “It’s so sad that you are already stopping your promotional activities,” and “I will anticipate your return.”

Busker Busker had won second place for the third season of Superstar K. Afterwards they released their 1st album which was a resounding success.