Japanese Hallyu Concert Featuring Kara and Rainbow Cancelled Due to Bankruptcy

Oh no! A Hallyu concert that was supposed to be held in Japan was cancelled because the company (Inifini Japan) taking care of the event in Japan went bankrupt! The concert was supposed to feature Kara, Rainbow, and Choshinsung.

Kara and Rainbow’s agency DSP Media stated, “We are very surprised at the cancellation news.” They stated on June 22, “The Hallyu concert was supposed to be held on June 30. However, we still haven’t received the news of the cancellation from the company in question. When we came across the Japanese press releases, we were very surprised. Actually, now that the concert is cancelled, we are sorrier to the fans that will be disappointed with the cancellation.”

The news was reported by Kyodo News. According to Kyodo News, the ticket sales for the event fell short. Also, right now it appears that refunds will be difficult because the company could barely come up with the capital required for a bankruptcy declaration.