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SISTAR Bora’s Perfect Leg Line Is Too Hot to Resist

Ouch I guess people shouldn’t state their opinions :S

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New Girl Group “BIKINY” Poses in Bikinis for Maxim

LOL <3 prosperr, despite all the inappropriate jokes I thought about them, I never thought about them and what they would do in the winter. Here is my reply:

Comment #3

2PM’s Wooyoung Exposes Hot Body for “Men’s Health”


Comment #4

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri: “I’ve Gained a Lot of Ahjumma Fans through ‘Fashion King”

I agree, what’s going on hotshotlover30? Looks like you need a hotshotlover~

Comment #5

Kwak Hyun Hwa Starts Controversy with Her Banana Eating Picture

I almost missed that there is something indeed very gross about her finger.

This is the credited response!

Comment #6

After School Nana Shows Off Her Seductive Back

AHAH that comment made me snort while I was drinking water. (Because I know the feeling 0_O)

Comment #7

Lee Chae Young Apologize

s for Her Degrading Comments Regarding Overweight Woman

Lee Chae Young makes a rude comment about two obese women in Denny’s that she took a picture of. Now America is the home of the fatties. O’er the land of the free! And the home of the Fatties!

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