Lizzy Wants to Appear on More Variety Shows but Her Company Won’t Let Her

Afterschool’s Lizzy complained about her agency Pledis Entertainment! She wants to appear on more variety shows but her company won’t let her! How cute!

On June 20, at the press conference for their new single album “Flashback” she stated, “I want to appear on more variety shows but my agency will not make the opportunities happen. The After School image this time around is a sexy one that shows how we have become mature. If I go out on a variety show I will show my original cute side.”

She continued, “Currently I am practicing the standard dialect. I want to fix my country dialect and act in melodramas. I wouldn’t mind acting with my country dialect either.”

The press then asked Lizzy, “Do you really need to change your dialect?” She replied, “My agency keeps making me change my dialect.”