T-ara’s Dani Wants to Debut Earlier than December

T-ara’s 9th and youngest member Dani has requested her agency, Core Contents Media, to add her to the group earlier than December. Dani will make her first appearance through T-ara’s new MV for “Day by Day” in July, but is expected to join the group’s activities starting from December.

According to reports, Dani has asked Kim Kwang Soo, the head of Core Contents Media if she could join the group earlier than the scheduled date. She expressed her desire to go on stage as soon as possible, and the agency is considering if they should have her start activities from the group’s October promotions, which will be held in both Japan and Korea simultaneously.

Meanwhile, T-ara will release their new single “Day by Day” in July and their new album in August. The official launching event for their first fan club “Queen’s” is scheduled for July 14. On August 11, T-ara will have their first solo concert in Seoul. Stay tuned for more updates!