Teen Top Successfully Finishes Their First Japanese Tour

Popular idol group Teen Top successfully completed their first two days of their solo live tour.

On June 19, the group kicked off their “Teen Top Tour 2012” in Nagoya, then traveled to Osaka on the 20th, and their last stage was held on the 21st in Tokyo.

Fans were ecstatic as they were treated to a two-hour long show, during which 21 of Teen Top’s biggest songs were performed at the event. Teen Top began the show with “To You“, followed by “Don’t Spray Perfume,” their debut single, “Clap,” and from earlier in the year the group’s chart topping hit, “Crazy.”

When the members finished singing their debut song they spoke to the crowd expressing their gratitude, “Thinking back to our beginnings two years ago. We were concerned about how many fans would show up to our concert today here in Japan. So we are sincerely touched by seeing all of you here supporting us. By holding this concert two years after our debut has fulfilled our dream of having a solo concert. It is because of all of you that we are able to be here.”

The group performed their last song, “Angel” and the crowd sang along which moved the members so much that they began to tear up. The audience then cheered so loudly that Teen Top came back out on stage for an encore performance of their new track, “Shake it!” along with a few other of their hits. At the concert’s conclusion they made a promise to fans, “We will come and perform here live again, once we have grown more and will show you an even more fabulous stage.”