BEAST’s Hyun Seung Has First Solo Photo Shoot for “Elle Girl”

Jang Hyun Seung, member of popular idol group Beast, will take on his first challenge of a musical in “Mozart!” and is featured in his first solo pictorial.

Jang Hyun Sueng became known by JS during his Trouble Maker promotions with label-mate, HyunA. For his “Elle Girl” photo shoot the title, “Unexpected JS” was chosen since it combines his stage name, JS, with an unpredictable variety of looks as well as a candid interview.

The magazine’s interview gives readers a behind-the-scenes look from his beginnings with Beast all the way to the concept of the blossoming “backstage musical star” showing his preparations for his debut musical role. The photos display various attitudes through the choice of clothing from a casual chic to his sophisticated costume in “Mozart!”

JS was asked how he is handling his first musical role, to which he replied, “I have a lot of integrity and I want to perform the best I can on stage to give the audience an amazing performance. So I have been working out using a combination of aerobic exercises along with much practice to get where I need to be. Apparently, they tell me that I am taking to the burden of acting in a musical quicker than other new starring actors, though I’m not so sure.”

He continued, “I’m really able to connect with my character, it seems we have a few similarities as we both are a bit rebellious and stubborn. So it doesn’t feel like work to portray him, it is actually fun.”

There is much attention surrounding Jang Hyun Seung’s appearance in the musical “Mozart!” as many wonder how he will fair. JS will take on the role of Mozart as he portrays the musical genius through his life and how he has influenced so many musicians around the world. Like Mozart, JS hopes that he will be remembered as well though as someone who is a great singer.

The “Unexpected” side of Hyun Seung can be seen in full within the pages of “Elle Girl’s” July issue.