Teen Top’s Niel Becomes Miss Niel

Teen Top’s Niel showed off his beautiful girl pose. On June 22, he wrote on his me2day, “Ho ho ho. I am Miss Niel. (I dressed up like a woman.) It is very awkward. However, please look at me beautifully.”

In the first photo he attached along with the post, Niel’s face can’t be seen well with the veil over his face. However, one can tell that it is him because of his trademark thick lips, which has pink lipstick on it. In the second picture, he is smiling while shyly covering his mouth.

Netizens who saw the photos said, “Truly, really cute,” “I was wondering who the person was in the first picture. Then, I saw the lips and knew right then who it was,” and “You are prettier than me.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top had their first exclusive concert in Japan from June 19 to June 21.