Jun Jin: “I Would Like To Be a Part of Shinhwa Until I Die”
On the most recent episode of jTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast,” Shinhwa’s Jun Jinvoiced his love for Shinhwa.

The latest episode was an MT (Membership Training) Special. The producers of “Shinhwa Broadcast” and the Shinhwa members put together a special where they had hidden camera special centered around Eric. The members had brought up the idea for Eric who had worked hard on Shinhwa’s 10th album.

At the end of the hidden camera, a video showed each member saying their words of thanks to the group’s loyal leader. Jun Jin’s thoughts were particularly noted for its sincerity. He said, “Eric hyung, I know you’re always stressed because you need to try to adjust to all the members opinions. Please don’t forget that we love you. I would like for us to be a part of Shinhwa until the day we die.” By the end of his message, Jun Jin became teary, and everybody else at the set was touched.

Jun Jin’s video starts around 3:54.