Girls’ Generation Yoona Under Fire For Allegedly Dissing Taeyeon’s Body

A post titled “Girls’ Generation Yoona Disses Taeyeon’s Body” has been rapidly circulating the world wide web, and fans are absolutely furious. The problem spurred from a screen shot of a behind the scenes video of the nine girls last year from a photo shoot.

The post stated that while Seohyun was fixing Taeyeon‘s shirt, Yoona had allegedly said, “There’s nothing there,” implying that Taeyeon is flat-chested. The second photo then shows Seohyun laughing at the situation. However, fans have been actively trying to correct the misunderstanding by clarifying that Yoona had actually said, “The position of the hands is a bit…” and in turn, bringing laughter due to the awkwardness.

Because Yoona is turned around in the video, it is hard to know for sure what she said, but the general consensus seems to be that one particular online portal had taken advantage of situation and started a rumor.