SHINee: “We Would Like to Perform at the Tokyo Dome”

SHINee recently spoke with Sankei Sports after their concert on June 24 at the Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo to mark the beginning of their arena tour, which attracted over 12000 attendees. SHINee opened with their hit song “Sherlock” and performed multiple other popular tracks from their previous albums.

SHINee members made known to their fans their determination to bring future activities to Japan. SHINee leader Onew joked, “If by next autumn we can establish an official Japanese fan club, we’d like to even perform a dinner show for our fans.” SHINee is currently celebrating a one year anniversary since their entrance into the Japanese music industry.

Member Key nicely summed up the group’s ambitions for Japan with the statement, “We’d like to perform at the Tokyo dome at least once in our lifetime.”

Starting July, SHINee will be embarking on a large-scale tour to make stops in all of the biggest cities in Asia. They recently wrapped up a tour back in 2010 to 2011 which included stops in New York, London, Paris, Sydney where they experienced a rise in popularity around the globe. This will be their first Asia tour since their last successful global tour.