Kangnam Station “iPad Girls” Advertises 2BiC’s “Love Again”

New R&B/hip-hop duo 2BiC has employed PR strategies that have drawn much attention.

Last weekend, 2BiC’s agency Nextar Entertainment had pretty young models at the most crowded and bustling district called Kangnam of Seoul to hold iPads that would inform the public about 2BiC’s newest title track.

The three mysterious ladies were dressed in feminine white dresses holding iPads to hook the attention of onlookers and people passing by. An anonymous passerby commented, “The mysterious Kangnam iPad ladies were playing 2BiC’s new music video “Love Again” on their iPads the entire weekend.”

Nextar entertainment released this statement, “To help promote the image and music of 2BiC, we sent youthful and beautiful ladies to stand at the walkway of Kangnam as “iPad ladies” to attract the public’s attention. Fortunately, it was a big success and we were able to get 2BiC the deserved recognition for their talent. We are planning performance to take place at Kangnam station and Hong-ik University to continue our PR.”

As 2BiC’s new title track “Love Again” was released it began climbing the ranks of music ranking sites. The song has an R&B and hip-hop rhythm to it, with the use of an electric piano to establish such a rhythm and showcases the harmony and range of the two members of 2BiC. Despite its rich and flavorful composing, the melody is easy to follow and sing to.

Check out the music video for “Love Again” below!