SISTAR Reveals Images from “LOVING U” MV Filming Set in Hawaii!

SISTAR revealed some pictures from the music video set for the highly anticipated track “LOVING U.” “LOVING U” is a summer special album that will be released on June 28. The music video is being filmed in Hawaii. It will contain airplanes, professional surfers, and famous models.

Through the Star Ship Entertainment official twitter, a few images of SISTAR in Hawaii were revealed.

A representative of Star Ship Entertainment stated, “For this summer special ‘LOVING U,’ SISTAR will take a step away from their usual sexy diva image, and go for a more happy-go-lucky and lovely feel. The surfing tricks and the scenery of Hawaii will be two things to look out for in the upcoming music video.”

The song “LOVING U” expresses the feelings of falling in love like a midsummer night’s dream.