Park Jung Hyun Can Hold Her Liquor!

Park Jung Hyun, also known as singer Lena Park made a guest appearance on the SBS talk show “You and I” with Sung Si Kyung, where they both confessed to be heavy drinkers.

Park Jung Hyun admitted, “I have a high tolerance for alcohol. After binge drinking once, I discovered I hold liquor pretty well.”

MC Lee Hyori chimed in, “Out of all the singers, I heard you also outdrank Sung Si Kyung.” To which Park Jung Hyun replied, “I didn’t win, I just held out longer until the break of dawn.”

Co- MC Jung Jae Hyung who appeared to also be a guest at that same party remarked, “Now that I think of it…I think I was the only one who was tipsy that night. You seemed to really hold your liquor well.”

“Then did Sung Si Kyung end up knocking out from the drinking competition that lasted until morning?” Hyori asked. “No, we just said our goodbyes and went to our separate homes,” said Park Jung Hyun, surprising audience members.

Park Jung Hyun made it appear as though the two had simply met for a casual cup of tea and parted ways. “On my way home I saw people who were on their way to work,” said Park Jung Hyun, unaffected by her high tolerance.