Girls’ Generation Home Shopping Version: Buy Your Pink Gloves Now?

A post titled “Girls’ Generation Home Shopping Version” has recently been trending the bulletin boards of online communities.

The trending post contains a composite photo with photoshopped stills parodying Girls’ Generation’s CF for a Yogurt drink. Instead of the yogurt product, the girls are instead seen here trying to sell the pink rubber gloves that were part of their “Paparazzi” costume. The pink rubber gloves are being marketed as “Soshi Hands” as part of a supposed Home Shopping venture into kitchen goods.

The photo has gained mass popularity for the cleverly written lines added next to each member carrying a pair of pink rubber gloves instead of a yogurt drink bottle.

Netizens who saw the “Girls’ Generation Home Shopping Version” commented with, “If Soshi Hands were to really become a product, I think it would be a hit,” “Girls’ Generation Home Shopping Version is hilarious,” and “It’s been a while since I laughed this hard.”