Hyori Teaches Teen Top How to Date Idol Singers

On last week’s broadcast of SBS “You and I” hosted by MCs Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Hyori imparted some dating advice and wisdom to the members of Teen Top.

Lee Hyori began by asking Teen Top members, “Do you guys have girlfriends?” to which they replied, “No we don’t.”

“But doesn’t everyone date these days at your age?” Lee Hyori prodded. Teen Top responded truthfully, “We’re definitely curious as to how dating works ourselves. Could you give us some advice?”

Lee Hyori agreed and offered tips such as, “Before you ask someone out, you should interact with the person you like during dry rehearsals a lot. Since there may be other singers sitting in the audience, you may sometimes have to perfect a gaze that is meant only for them.”

Teen Top also performed their debut song “Clap” for the MCs and viewers present, receiving much admiration for their group dance and synchronization.

(Watch the video of the show here!)