SISTAR Reveals Bora Teaser Image for “LOVING U”

SISTAR has been revealing the upcoming album “LOVING U” teaser images of each of their members. At 12:00am June 25, they ended with three teaser images of Bora. On June 25, their agency tweeted a set of three tweets, with the caption “Here is the Bora teaser image for SISTAR’s summer special album “LOVING U.” Please give it a lot of love~ ^^.”

In the picture, Bora is giving off cute charms unlike the sexy way that she is usually portrayed for albums.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Wow, Bora is the best,” “How could someone be so pretty,” and “She looks good no matter what she wears.”

“LOVING U’ will be released on June 28. SISTAR is coming back soon!