Nana Shows Off Sexy Body Through Diet Commercial Picture

A picture of After School’s Nana was released that are being called, “No Conscience Cut.” (The picture is being called no conscience, saying that it is mean for her to put up the picture because she is so beautiful.)

The picture of Nana showed up on a community board June 25 with the title, “Nana, a direct picture of her that is pure art.”

The picture shows Nana wearing black hot pants and a tank top for a diet commercial. Her body looks like it has a perfect ratio, and the picture features her signature long legs.

Netizens stated, “That picture really has no conscience, I need to diet,” “I think she is the most beautiful model out of the diet models,” and “That is a perfect body.”

Currently After School is promoting their fifth single, “Flashback” which was release on June 20.