New Albums And Singles Preview - June Week 4

Jo Kwon – I’m Da One (released)

01 Awesome Girl – feat. Yankee
02 Animal Radio Edit
03 I’m Da One – feat Zion T
04 Lipstick
05 Who’s Loving You Now
06 Wingardium Leviosa
07 Something About You – feat. Jung Ji Hoon of 2AM
08 Heaven – feat. Miso of Glam
09 Just a Kiss
10 Animal

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2AM’s Jo Kwon releases his debut solo album this summer. Filled with ten action-packed tracks, the album includes two previously released digital singles, “Animal” and “Just a Kiss.” The title track this time around is “I’m Da One,” an electronic dance number that showcases Jo Kwon’s energy. The song was composed by Bang Shi Hyuk and English composer, Lauren Dyson.

Gangkiz mini-album – MAMA (released)

01 Mama
02 Honey Honey
03 Tonight
04 Super Love
05 Shh!
06 I Don’t Want to Know Breakup

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Girl group, Gangkiz shows yet another side of themselves with their follow-up title track, “Mama.” The song was co-composed by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum and is much anticipated by fans because the dance is said to be choreographed by the same choreographer of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” The song is expected to be a hit this summer.

She’z – She’z Holic (June 26)

01 Day and Night
02 My Own Way
03 Day and Night INST
04 My Own Way INST

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Talented female vocal group, She’z releases a new single album titled, “She’z Holic.” There are a total of two track and their respective instrumentals. The title track is “My Own Way,” a dance number that focuses on acoustic and rock sounds unlike most mainstream K-Pop. The song is about the modern woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is very independent.

Baek Chung Kang mini-album Vol. 1 – All Night (released)

01 All Night
02 Intoxicated By You
03 Is What It Is…
04 Hwiya
05 Longing For You
06 All Night INST
07 Intoxicated By You INST

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Baek Chung Kang of the reality show, “The Birth of a Great Star” finally debuts with his first mini-album titled, “All Night.” Included in this album is an electronic house dance number of the same title. This song has strong shuffle dance beats with emotional vocals from the singer. This groovy dance number is expected to be a hit this summer. Also included in this album is “Intoxicated By You,” a lively track about a hidden love story. The song was composed, penned, and arranged by SEION who has made his name known by doing well on the Oricon charts in Japan. This song has a J-Pop feel to it.

K.Will (single) –We Never Go Alone (released)

01 We Never Go Alone
02 We Never Go Alone INST

Korea’s top ballad singer, K.Will releases a digital single titled, “We Never Go Alone.” It is known that this was a gift for veteran actor Jang Dong Gun and his staff who has been working for him for the past ten years. The song is for a campaign for the premium whiskey brand, Imperial.

Hwayobi (single) – I Live Like This (released)

01 I Live Like This

R&B queen, Hwayobi releases a new digital single titled, “I Live Like This” this month. It is a medium tempo number about a woman who wants to tell her ex-boyfriend her honest feelings after breakup. The singer songwriter composed, penned, and produced this song.

Thanks to motoway065 for translations.

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