“A Gentleman’s Dignity” Reaches 20.3% Viewership Rating!

A Gentleman’s Dignity” reached #1 for dramas in its timeslot! According to AGB Nielson Media Research on June 25, the episode of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” broadcast on June 24 reached a viewership rating of 20.3%. This is the highest that the drama has seen, it broke the original record of an 18.6% viewership rating.

Time Slip Dr. Jin” which is the drama’s rival because it airs at the same time, had a viewership rating of 12.7%.

After hearing the news actor Kim Soo Ro (Who plays Taesan on the drama) tweeted, “We reached 20%! Thank you for all of you who are watching the broadcast. Passe! I will take this that all of you love my character Taesan.”

The drama stars features Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk It airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 9:50pm KST on SBS.