After School Uee Shows Off Her Leg Manners for MV Staff

A photo of After School member Uee is currently garnering attention for her show of “leg manners.” Local news agencies picked up on a photo of the singer captured behind-the-scenes on the set of After School’s music video for their most recent release, “Flashback.”

In the photo, Uee is shown standing with her legs spread out to make herself stand on the same height as the staff present. Uee is known for her height and her long legs, which put her at an awkward angle for shooting. Standing with her legs spread out, observers have noticed her warm and considerate attitude.

Reports further quote shoot officials and staff praising Uee’s good heart.

Netizens have also caught on to Uee’s “leg manners” and commented with “Uee has cute leg manners,” “I have to grow tall,” “Uee shows her good nature,” “Staff will get emotional at this,” and other such reactions.

Meanwhile, “Flashback” was released on June 20 and is After School’s fifth mini-album.