Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s Alluring Black-and-White Spread for “Harper’s Bazaar”

During a recent interview with “Harper’s Bazaar,” Girls’ Generation’s Yuri thanked Ha Jung Woo for his acting advice and talked about her life as an actress.

Regarding the recently ended SBS series, “Fashion King,” Yuri stated, “I felt burdened because of all the expectations related to the Girls’ Generation name. At first, I tried analyzing Choi Anna, but then afterwards, I began looking for similarities between Anna and myself.” She continued, “Once I began approaching my co-stars first, they were all so eager to help me. Additionally, Ha Jung Woo oppa advised, ‘Just enjoy and think of this as a learning process.’ Now that this project is over, I understand what he meant.”

Yuri revealed, “I want to be a genuine person, someone who isn’t ostentatious. That way, I believe I’ll be able to grow into a genuine actress. Next time, I would like to play a bright, lovable character who laughs a lot and has aeygo.”

Meanwhile, Yuri’s spread and interview will be featured in the July issue of “Harper’s Bazaar.”