Kim Yoo Jung to Play T.O.P’s Younger Sister in New Movie

The upcoming spy movie, “Alumni” will feature a solid cast made up of Big Bang’s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun), Han Ye Ri, and Kim Yoo Jung.

Not long ago, Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed as playing the role of T.O.P’s younger sister in the film. The movie’s plot involves a situation concerning Kim Yoo Jung’s character. In the movie Kim Yoo Jung plays the role of T.O.P’s younger sister who has been kidnapped. The sibling’s North Korean spy-father had been killed because of false accusations. So it is now up to Myung Hoon (T.O.P) to save his only remaining family member. He takes up an offer from a spy agent, played by Cho Sung Ha, to train and become a spy to put a hit on another agent in South Korea.

Han Ye Ri has also been cast as she plays the role of high school student, Hye In. As part of his cover Myung Hoon poses as a student in a South Korean high school, where he inadvertently falls in love with Hye In.

T.O.P is excited to play the role of Myung Hoon. His ruthless killer looks coupled with the ability to play a high school student makes him perfect for the role. Just looking at him along with his passion makes people tremble. Kim Yoo Jung and Han Ye Ri both are very talented and cannot wait to work on this film. It is a pleasure to have such dedicated people working on this project.

The film is scheduled to begin filming in July and is projected to be released sometime later this year.

What are your thoughts of the cast list? Are you interested in seeing this film?